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ziplock bags with holes

they would be normal ziplock bags but at the top they have a hole so you can hang them
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I haven't seen these yet, but I think they would be pretty practical. Not entirely sure what for, but I am sure someone could come up with a use for them. The only decent ideal use for them I could come up with was to stick a spare car key in the bag and then tie a string to it which you would attach to your gas tank and the key/bag would "hide" in your gas tank. Easy spare. I am sure other uses are out there though. Could be a WIBNI, if so sorry
Vavon, Jul 16 2001

Ziplock-Bags.net http://www.ziplock-bags.net
Sorry, but these have no holes... [brettb, Jun 30 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Gas would eventually eat through the plastic that ziploc's are made from, so that wouldn't work, but it's not a bad idea, and it's not a 'Wouldn't it be neat if'. I can think of uses for these, like in my old apartment with zip for storage space, I could have hung things on the walls in these from hooks.
StarChaser, Jul 16 2001

       They've had devices around for a while whick act as a magnetic storage container for your key to be placed in the tire well or somewhere else that is inconspicuous on your vehicle. This might be an easier solution that resorting the plastic bag in the gas tank. I like the idea, but I think the magnet already fulfills the need.
talamunda, Jul 17 2001

       How would you unlock your gas tank to get the key out?
angel, Jul 17 2001

       Many of the older cars don't have locks on the gas tanks or levers that have to be pulled from the inside but I know what you are saying. I thought of good use though for the hook bags, if refrigerators/freezers came with hooks along the back wall of them then you could hang the bags more efficiently and save space for great things like beer and custard.
Vavon, Jul 17 2001

       Why, by the way, not just tie the string to the key and put it in the tank? Keys are steel or brass, which is unimpressed by gasoline anyway...
StarChaser, Jul 19 2001

       And why is this useful again?
Chris38183, May 27 2002

       If you need a hole at the top of your Ziplock bag, just use a friggin hole-puncher.
XSarenkaX, May 31 2002

       This is useful because if you just punch a hole in the top of a bag, it will rip out easily, not being reinforced.
StarChaser, Jun 01 2002

       huh? why put a spare key in your gas tank again? Just don't lock your car doors if you need spare keys that often, cuz if this idea were to really catch on, then thieves would check your gas tank first, then drive away with your spare key.... or am I missing something?
mhh5, Jun 02 2002

       StarChaser - have you ever seen the reinforcers for hole-punched paper at the office supply store? They're just little donut shaped plastic stickers to stick around the punched holes. Besides, what's wrong with tape?
XSarenkaX, Jun 03 2002

       How many keys actually fit though the gas-tank nozzle?
GenYus, Dec 10 2003


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