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Dedicated to making the world a better place one bat shit crazy idea at a time.

[Apr 22 2009, last modified Jun 05 2009]
(+3) AIDS Donut
(+2) Audio Only GPS
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) Cat food in a tube.
(+6, -1) Critter proof Garbage Can
 Dummies Chopstick
(+19, -2)(+19, -2) Emergency Crystal Radio
(+3, -2) Epaper Keys
 Eyeglasses for the Blind
(+4) Hypoxic Sleep Chamber
(+1, -7)(+1, -7) Magnetic Ball Wheel
 No Spin DVD
(+4) PBMI
(+2) Shortwave DTV
(+1, -3) Smell-O-Scope
 Spinning Space Bed
(+6) Tea Piston
(+1, -28)(+1, -28)(+1, -28) Virtual Death Penalty
 Whose Baby's Whose?
(-3) World Car

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