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Hypoxic Sleep Chamber

Like taking a nap on Mount Everest
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Long distance runners train at high altitudes to increase the oxygen carrying capacity of their blood, but everybody could use more oxygen capacity in their blood but can't move to the mountains so my idea is a Hypoxic Sleep Chamber, basicly the idea is the chamber would be an enclosed bed (like a Japanese Hotel), air tight, that would have a low oxygen atmosphere pumped in. When you get in to sleep at night the oxygen content of the air is reduced, slightly, and as you adapt to the enviroment over the weeks your oxygen carrying capicity will increase giving you an energy boost during the day, but of course this should ONLY be used with a doctors approval.
Hirudinea, Jul 03 2009

(???) Might not be such healthy idea. http://www.scienced...a26cab4289b33770da1
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 03 2009]


       Why not just wear a mask and breathe in oxygen-depleted gas ? Low rate oxygen generators are available - shoudln't be hard to mod one to enrich nitrogen instead.   

       WARNING: Correct use of this equipment may cause neurological damage, paralysis, or death.
8th of 7, Jul 03 2009

       // shoudln't be hard to mod one to enrich nitrogen instead //   

       Indeed. I believe the mod consists simply of adding a second output connector to the plumbing, in place of a vent to atmosphere. If you get lucky, it might already have one. A little-known fact is that so-called oxygen concentrators are actually nitrogen concentrators; the non- nitrogen part of the atmosphere is pure enough oxygen that you can just use that as if it was the thing the concentrator was concentrating.
notexactly, Jul 11 2019

       //WARNING// Whilst not wishing to be seen to agree with the Borg, I have to say that it is not wrong. A too-low oxygen concentration will simply let you drift peacefully off into an ever-deepening sleep.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 11 2019

       Ditto, and isn't about the anniversary of 8th losing the keys to the Cube?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 12 2019

       There must be a design to make this very simple and safe because there is always a, sort of, way. Rather than a sealed system which just incorporates the danger, how about a system that just dips the level oxygen for a quantified amount. I was thinking along the lines of those desiccating tubs but for oxygen in a leaky room.   

       Maybe,a whole lot of short burn vigil candles. C02 would be raised which is probably what an athelete is also facing.
wjt, Jul 12 2019

       // dessicating tubs //   

       Granular potassium hydroxide will absorb CO2.   

       Carrying that idea to its logical extremity, sleep in an oblong box equipped with KOH absorbers. It may be wise to fit a set of brass handles down each side, so that the pallbearers have something to grip during the subsequent funeral.
8th of 7, Jul 13 2019

       ^ Your not doing your molar approximations.
wjt, Jul 13 2019


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