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Sex: Male
Birth: 1974
Location: Leicester, UK

[Jun 23 2005, last modified Jan 05 2006]
 Blind Torch
(-1) Electronic Paper Weaver
(+7, -4) Golf Substitutes
(+1, -8)(+1, -8) Ham Bikini
 Hot-Or-Not by Bluetooth
(+2, -6) Miniaturised Bodypart Keyring
(+9, -2) Monsieur Croissant
 Opaque contact lens
(+2, -6) Open Neck Shirt Clip
(+28, -4)(+28, -4)(+28, -4) Religious Symbol Screw Heads
(+17, -3)(+17, -3) Rushing Water Belt Buckle
(+3, -2) Slumbertumbler Alarm Clock Bed
(+7) VegtabPool

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