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Monsieur Croissant

A Mascot for the Halfbakery.
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I think it is time that the bakery had it's own mascot, so enter Monsieur Croissant, The Halfbakeries own bundle of stereotypes....

Monsieur Croissant is a half eaten croissant bun made into a little person. He is dressed as the traditional image of a Frenchman. He has a waxed moustache and wears a beret hat and a striped Bretagne sweater. He looks cheery enough, but he has that glint in his eye that he'd jump on your wife, given half a chance.

He has a pet, called Fishbone, which is a fishbone-dog cross, which he keeps on a leash at all times...

I guess that some of our U.S.-Based bakers may be uncomfortable with the French image, but I think public opinion is swaying the French way there? possibly....They've been happy enough with the French croissant as a + point for the past 5 years, and havn't persuaded jutta to change it into a "Big-Mac" or anything, anyway I digress...

Mr Croissant could be a welcoming sight on the Halfbakery homepage, and a suit could be made for "Personal appearances" at HalfCon etc.....

If there is enough interest, then I might draw you a picture of him, He really is a cute little chap (in my mind)

It's a bit of fun!

Minimal, Jan 27 2006

I Vote for this guy: http://www.st3f.com...oadcone_cartoon.gif
As seen on the T-shirt :) [yamahito, Jan 27 2006]

Croissant Park http://www.croissantpark.com/
At least we know where he lives: Croissant Park, Ft Lauderdale.
"In the1920s and 1930s, Mr. Croissant and Mr. Snyder would board customers onto the Croissant Park Land Company limousine and shuttle prospective buyers out to look at the property." [hippo, Jan 27 2006]

How about this guy? http://www.goldbric...om/ggtinseltwo.html
[Dub, Jan 27 2006]

Shirley it's gotta be this fellow. http://shenia.4dweb...gingerbread_man.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 28 2006]


       An ideal arch nemesis would be the top-hatted, black-cloaked Jack the Kipper. [Boo-hiss]
coprocephalous, Jan 27 2006

       I can see a halfbakery panto next Christmas.
wagster, Jan 27 2006

       Croqúe Monsieur, surely?
Jinbish, Jan 27 2006

       Shirley the American equivalent would be Captain Croissant, the not so flaky pastry. He'd be the Michelin man in a different colour.
hidden truths, Jan 27 2006

       Would the half-eaten crossaint's arch nemesis be more jam? That's all I would need to defeat him.
PollyNo9, Jan 27 2006

       "...and Brioche Boy!"
hippo, Jan 28 2006


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