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Slumbertumbler Alarm Clock Bed

An Alarm Clock bed that tips you out at a preset time.
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Ever have problems getting up?
Ever have problems getting up in the morning?
Ever have problems getting up out of bed in the morning?
Do you turn off conventional alarm clocks in your sleep?
Have you tried all the 67 Alarm Clock ideas in product: Alarm Clock but none seem right for your particular sleep problem?
Do you sleep naked?
Sorry, That sounded a bit personal, I mean, Do you wear something in bed?

If you answer yes to any of the above (Except the naked one) then the Slumbertumbler range of tilting alarm beds could be for you!

Which exiting model will you prefer?
Will you enjoy the lesurely rolling action of the "Sideroller" model? Or will you prefer the ercectile stylings of the popular "Standup" model? Or prefer flopping face-forwards floorwards on the unpopular "Floorscraper" model?

We provide a range of beds with incorpareted wake-up facilities. During the night the bed stays in a horizontal position, allowing a comfortable slumber. But, come the waking hour preset by the sleeping occuapant(s) A breif conventional alarm is followed by a progressive tilting of the matress section of the bed. The matress tilts at a preset speed and will attain vertical orientation by the preset "deadline" time. As the angle of the matress increases, sleep is still possible but becomes more and more uncomfortable, and once the matress is vertical, almost impossible.

The "Sideroller" model rolls the matress sideways, eventually propelling the occupant across the floor with a rolling motion. Most users can still cling on uncomfortably at a 30 degree slant, but 45 degress usually sees them rolling - and waking to a productive day of work or study.

The "Standup" model tips towards the foot end of the bed, causing the user to eventually be left in a standing position. It is possible to sleep in the standing postion so the bed eventually tips beyond the vertical, causing the sleeper to stagger groggily across the room and into a productive day of work or study.

The "Floorscraper" model tips towards the head end of the bed, Sliding the occupant face first onto the floor. The most painful bed in our range is recommended for the most hardcore sluggerbeds and general drunkards. Warning: Users may experience facial carpet burns using this model, but the stinging wakes the users to a productive day of work or study.

The tipping is controlled by a counterbalanced sleeping platform which would natuarally swing to the vertical postion. It is held in place by a latch which is released by the alarm clock. The swing of the bed is controlled by an air damper which can be set to damp the swing from a quick rise of 1 second to a slow 30 minute tilt for those who like to "rise" slowly....

Minimal, Jan 09 2006

You saw it here first... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108598/
WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR [coprocephalous, Jan 09 2006]


       I don't want to be awoken like this. I don't want to feel that a machine has power over whether I stay in bed.   

       And you didn't need to make it so long, did you?   

dbmag9, Jan 09 2006

       But if he made it any shorter his feet would hang off the end.   

       We've done this.
blissmiss, Jan 10 2006


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