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Electronic Paper Weaver

Newspaper woven from thin wires by PDA which can connect to the Internet.
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PDA's are a good invention, but don't really replace reading a newspaper or novel on the train/plane/submarine etc.. You have to crouch over the tiny screen to read it, and shield it from strong sunlight, You have to tap away at those tiny buttons. You look really nerdy, and for most people it is too much troube... However most people, even old people, are happy with those old-fashioned floppy paper newspapers. I propose a device which can produce a printout of ANY page of the internet or eBook in a newspaper like form. The page produced is semi-perminent and can be read, re-read and then reconstructed as a different page. The priniting device would connect to your PDA, 3G Phone, or other portable device and would literally crochet the required page from very thin plastic wires. Once the page has been read the device un-crochet's the page and resues the plastic wires for the next page. Initially the device would contain only black and white wires, but in future could contain cyan, magenta, yellow and black wires for full colour pages!!!
Minimal, Jun 24 2005

BBC on e-paper http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/1530678.stm
First link I found. Was a current news story, link may expire. [david_scothern, Jun 24 2005]

When both paper and ink are electronic... http://www.eink.com
A significant percentage of electronic-paper articles are about this company, named after "electronic ink". [Vernon, Jun 24 2005]

Another competitor in the e-paper race http://www.gyricon.com/
Not so good for multi-color work, though. [Vernon, Jun 24 2005]

This is the one I'm waiting for http://www.qualcomm...chnology/index.html
Ambient light, full color, holds image, fast refresh rate, very low power, and high resolution. If only they would make their PDA-sized modules connect to make large screens.... [Vernon, Jun 24 2005]


       Surprisingly, e-paper is close to market. It's thin and flexible, keeps its image even when turned off, and updates to display the next page at the touch of a button.
david_scothern, Jun 24 2005

       "would literally crochet the required page": machine knitting is possible, but last I checked with my sewing/textiles experts (wife/sister-in-law), machine crochet doesn't exist.   

       Trained spiders?
half, Jun 24 2005

       So that'd be a first too, Machine crochet. Maybe that should be in a separate halfbakery batch?? I had heard they were working on e-paper, or i-paper or whatever stupid buzzname theyv'e chosen. I think my idea is better, as there are no electronics built into the paper itself....and knitting/crochet is cool....
Minimal, Jun 24 2005

       If you can crack machine crochet, I wouldn't waste it here.
half, Jun 24 2005

       > Trained spiders?

       Not just spiders. Robotic Custard-Powered Flocking Ninja Spiders!
krelnik, Jun 24 2005


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