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Mr Buttersworth

Where am I? Are you... Doug Heffernan???

[Jan 12 2007, last modified Feb 15 2007]
(+4) Airbag Fanny Pack
(+3, -2) Balloon Backpack
(+1, -3) Bathtub Pirates
(+4, -2) Daily Random Circuses
(+9, -6) Double-sided Toothbrush
(+5) Flakfetti
(+3) Halfbakery Interpersonal Communication
 Island Diet
 Massage Paperweight
(+3, -1) Real Sand Castles
(+7, -4) Self Defense Sun Glasses
(+7, -1) Sticky Grabber Shotgun Barrel Arm
(+3, -1) Velcro Uniforms

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