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Bathtub Pirates

You Scurvy Dog
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Two prepackaged toy pirate ships. To set them up you place them on opposite ends of the bathtub. Once set they detect each other via Bluetooth and commence one out of a thousand battle sequences. They fire minute biodegradable scent/bathtub salts at each other. They respond to these volleys and eventually one capsizes. A thin brown rubber is coated on the bottom in order to protect against any sort of electrical current, even though the possible current would be completely insubstantial. Add an optional controller and bathtub battle like Jean Laffite or Anne Bonny, maybe with a partner?
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 12 2007

Remote Controlled Pirate Ship, $39.99 http://www.jcpenney...ducts%2FC040974.jsp
Bit large for the tub, though. [jutta, Feb 12 2007]


       I can't speak for the other vote against, but to me, this is overly complicated and -detailed and doesn't allow for enough creative play other than watching it; and you're about two to three years late to be considered charmingly rogueish simply for mentioning pirates.
jutta, Feb 12 2007

       The first part was preprogrammed. The second introduced complete control to the user via controller. I guess I didn't articulate that succinctly. Change it to battleships if that's better for you.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 12 2007

       Give it a little time, I'm sure someone else will like it. It's not that I object to this being suggested or made, it's just that my personal tastes run differently.   

       Now, bathtub battleships, *there* you've got a whole different idea.
jutta, Feb 12 2007

       I get it :-)
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 12 2007

       //bathtub battleships//   

       If you're sharing a bathtub, would you really want to sit behind a screen calling out co-ordinates?
pertinax, Feb 12 2007

       think t.v. remote, movement buttons, fire buttons, one hand needed. Wii
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 12 2007

       Can you explain in more detail why I need the thin rubber coating on my bottom? And why is it brown?
Canuck, Feb 12 2007

       Why would pirate ships attack one another? Pirate ships are pretty much by definition well armed, and half the time they are probably riding empty (on the way out to steal stuff). Pirates usually go after lightly armed and fully loaded cargo vessels.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 12 2007

       That's a good point [Galbinus]. It would be better to play "Bathtub Pirates vs. Space Laser of Death" with the SLoD represented by you reflecting a laser pointer off your bathroom's disco ball. A direct hit sinks the pirate ship.
hippo, Feb 12 2007

       Canuck: Thin brown rubber coating matches with the brown hull. It also helps keep it afloat.
Mr Buttersworth, Feb 15 2007


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