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Airbag Fanny Pack

Slightly safer collisions.
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A fanny pack with deployable airbags on four sides, motion and speed detectors detect dangerous collisions on a 360 degree plane. Just before impact this fanny pack surrounds the wearer with a shield of cushion.

The airbags can also be deployed manually for proactive collision protection.

Uses compressed air.

Mr Buttersworth, Jan 12 2007


       <snigger>fanny pack</snigger>   

       So this is like a lifejacket around the midriff?
jonthegeologist, Jan 12 2007

       Almost precisely!
Mr Buttersworth, Jan 12 2007

       In what sort of situation would you need this?
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 12 2007

       Theoretically any potentially bumpy situation including but not limited to pedestrian on pedestrian collision.
Mr Buttersworth, Jan 12 2007

       This would be great for learning to ice skate.
phundug, Jan 12 2007

       Do we really need to go into that?
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 12 2007

       As with me.. Aren't fanny packs just bum-bags? which is in turn wrong because it's not worn on your bum, it's more rather near your crotch.
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 12 2007

       They might as well be bum bags. My brother wore one that went under his pants and infront of his crotch so everytime he want to grab some money it looked like he was scratching his balls.   

       Anyway, about the fanny pack, did you get the idea off of the commercial where the guy falls off the scaffolding and airbags pop out and cushion his fall?
twitch, Jan 13 2007

       No, I don't think I've ever seen that commercial. I was trying to think of a use for a fanny pack besides serving as a veritable man-purse. It sounds like your brother found a better use though.
Mr Buttersworth, Jan 13 2007

       I could have used this the day I broke my fannie trying to learn how to snowboard.
ato_de, Jan 13 2007

       Sounds painful.
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 14 2007

       I finally misread this as "airbag funny pack" after already having seen the idea several times. Maybe some comedy recordings built into an airbag could give you something to amuse yourself with while you wait for the paramedics to arrive.
phundug, Jan 14 2007

       "What's the deal with car crashes? I mean - what's up with that?" (canned laughter)
Texticle, Jan 14 2007


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