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Velcro Uniforms

Everything. Velcro.
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In the not to distant future, in a strange society somewhere on earth, velcro-uniforms will be mandated. In the morning a person will put on their velcro uniform, walk outside and jump on the velcro-road. This road system is an interlocking series of moving velcro tracks arranged in a grid pattern, one elevated above or below the other. While navigating the velcro-road a velcro-person presses a directional or exit button on a controller. Upon pressing it a large mechanized puller made of stronger velcro picks them off the road and places them on their desired path via a semi-statically charged metal separator which ‘develcroinizes’ them from the puller. Other transportation works much the same way, think velcro-inroads rather than elevators, escalators. It's a velcro paradise.
Mr Buttersworth, Jan 27 2007

1984 Dave Letterman wears a velcro suit http://www.youtube....watch?v=-kDG018l4lA
[xandram, Jan 28 2007]


       mmm delicious
Mr Buttersworth, Jan 27 2007

       I'm waiting for American football with all velcro on the outside uniforms. Try untangling one of those pileups when the players are stuck together.
phundug, Jan 28 2007


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