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Urbane Golf

Golf with snooker's dress code
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It occurs to me that, since the sad and untimely passing of Payne Stewart, no modern golfist cuts a sartorial swathe to distinguish themselves from the figure-hugging yet strangely shapelessly clothed crowd. (Payne Stewart was renowned for wearing plus-fours while on tour.)

Snooker is a sport where dinner suits and bow ties are de rigeur. It is a quiet game, where gentlemanly behaviour is expected at all times. Golf aspires to those same heights. What better way to ensure that it acheives them by requiring all tournament players to be dressed in dinner suits at all times. Top hats may be worn in rainy weather. One's caddy is also expected to be appropriately attired - butler's garb is acceptable, with an optional tea-towel over his arm (strictly for the use of cleaning the ball and the clubs).

PeterSilly, Nov 14 2003


       This could spawn a new "preformance dinner attire" coming to a fine dining establishment near you! Remember to ask you tailor about swing improving suits [+]
Letsbuildafort, Nov 14 2003

       lets start with the socks :)
po, Nov 14 2003

       Like a Vandals concert just threw-up all over a bunch of stuffy old golfers
Letsbuildafort, Nov 14 2003

       Ahem, I think you mean *my* agent [UB].
PeterSilly, Nov 17 2003

       talk to [UB]'s agent about "Polka Golf" TV Rights. "Like being caught in a whirlwind of fairground clowns, carousel music and mud splattered 9 irons."
Fishrat, Nov 17 2003


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