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Travelator Golf

Don't walk to your ball, let it come to you.
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It's occured to me for some time that golf courses are an incredibly wasteful use of space. In a crowded land such as dear old Blighty, we need all the space we can get to build out-of-town superstores and endless suburbia. An easy way to gain planning permission for such essential developments is to build on golf courses.

So, how to keep those keen golfists playing while making more rational use of all that green space? Easy, have rolling fairways.

You stand on a platform, whack the ball and then press a button. The course whizzes silently under your feet until such point as your ball appears. Whack it again, and press the button again. Perform repeatedly until the ball falls down the hole.

Instead of having acres and acres of green space, your golf course requirement diminishes to a space, say, no more than 300 yards long. Of course, if you play golf like I do, then it will need to be 300 yards wide also!

PeterSilly, Jun 24 2002


       Don't forget the wind machines
thumbwax, Jul 01 2002

       Would it not be a little flat? Or are you planning to attach trees, bunkers and hillocks to the travelator?   

       And isn't impersonating other 1/2B users against the rules? I only say because you might give some people a nasty fright.
pottedstu, Jul 01 2002

       the accents all wrong, pot.
po, Jul 01 2002


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