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Dog wrapping blanket

Fido doesn't need to crawl into your bed
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At times like this with freezing cold outside and a dog bed which is just a mattress (albeit a soft and warm one) I wonder if the dog wouldn't be happier with a blanket thrown on him after he beds down. But I know he isn't. He retreats to his cot beneath the bed every night without hesitation and adapts to the near-freezing temperature of the surroundings (because for ideological reasons (shame on us) we always sleep with wide-open windows), and if we cover him with a blanket, by morning he has crawled out from under it and lies on top of it. And still I have a suspicion that he would rather live either in Spain or under a blanket.

Imagine a doggie bed which spans a blanket over its mattress by help of pulleys and levers so that when the dogs lies down the blanket is lowered to protect his old bones against the night chill. When he gets up to bark at the moon or to scratch his back the blanket is lifted and then lowered again when he as lies down.

We could even place a second, unrigged doggie bed beneath the first so that the dog could choose and after a few nights we would be sure if he preferred the version with or without blanket, adding some scientific hoolah-balou to the experience.

Toto Anders, Dec 28 2014


       I had wearable blankets and hoods for my horses - surely they make such things for dogs.
normzone, Dec 28 2014

       We normally spray our dogs with that insulation foam, around late November. It does restrict their movement, but it keeps them toasty warm. And, come spring when we cut the foam open and remove it, it takes away ticks, fleas and loose hair.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 28 2014

       Your bed counts as an insulating layer. The dog may simply prefer an insulated cubbyhole for sleeping, than an actual blanket. See what happens if, under your bed, you surround the dog's sleeping spot on 3 sides with a blanket "wall". Will the dog still use that spot, or pick another spot?
Vernon, Dec 28 2014

       Maybe your dog is more open to new ideas, but I'm fairly sure that my dog would see this strange moving contraption over his bed as a threat, from which he must protect his family by bravely chewing it to pieces. Or, if he's not feeling brave that day, he might just hide from it and whine.
pertinax, Dec 29 2014


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