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[Oct 10 2010, last modified Apr 27 2020]
(+3) Bad News Inc.
(+5, -1) Bellows Powered Leaf Blower
(+8, -3) Better Beggar Signs
(+4) Bouillon Cube Unwrapping
(+2) ComePunchMe
(+3) Dodgeball Bingo
(+6) Faucet Rubber
(+6, -2) Generic Protest
(+6, -1) Goat Pole
(+4) InstaChat Display Chapeau
(+4) Keirsey Customer Service Sorter
(+2) Movie Audio App
(+15, -3)(+15, -3) Murder/Suicide House Real Estate Listings
(+5) Personal Toilet Scent Strips
(+4) Personalized Currency for the Incredibly Fancy
(+18)(+18) Phoenix Business Cards
(+5, -3) Strange Name Club
(+3, -2) Teeth-Whitening Cigarettes
(+8)(+8) Xtreme Knot Tying
(+4) Xtreme Sewing

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