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A Bio by me :)

-if at any time all articles are going stale, i will be tempted to write.

-I admit, i love fishes.

-Grammar is not my strengths (at least that means i can write cryptography one day)

-Marked for deletion: 4...going on 5?

-Errrr....rules need to shortened....my ADD is acting up....ooooh fishing pole!!

-Some users love me :)

Also....I was never told this, but than again i seem to never be deterred by it.

http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Humiliation_20for_20Newbies#1025715600 ================== Welcome to the anual "nuc mam" awards for the best possible "worst ideas" ever. Since their have been the half-bakery awards, we at the nuc mammie's believe that truly terrible ideas are great.

The past winners of the nuc mammie's are:

Compatta -"best quasi-original elucidated idea"

to qualify for the nuc mammie's award, you must have at least 20 total boned fish in your records.

We hope to see you next year!!

Some More Half-bakery Commodities:

Grammar-Nazis: When they cite you negatives for spelling.

glueus maximus....

[May 18 2006, last modified Jun 10 2006]

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(+10, -5) "i am not crazy" cellphone sign.
(-5)(-5) Imaginary thing virtualizer
(+1, -2) modern bowl cut
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