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A film for old people

An interpretation of life through silent things...
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Ever since janet jacket showed off her "big contacts" on her eyes, it seems the FCC is getting made at people because it not good for the public.

I propose an action filled movie about how nature affects us...

I call it "growing grass and the dead ant"

It documents the barreling life of grass, in real, time in how it gets old and eventually has to give out its seeds.

It used to be, grass-uns would mate with itself to make other grass-uns. but, "grassod" has said that only straight grass and and dirt could only mary with each other. Even though curved grass constantly mates with itself despite intervention, it only seemd to produce something aspiring great: dead ants.

Later on, we see the life cycle of grass. the silent life cycle as it grows from a little seed and becomes all rough and nasty as it grows older. It seemed our mother were wrong, eating "herb[icide]" is not actually good for us, especially anything that is liquid and green.

One day, the dead ant and grass talked to each other....and they got it on!!!

Suddenly dead any was going to be magnified with a magnified glass....and burnt thusly...but grassun couldn't help that dead ant was going away, so he too, blocked the ant from the sun....and burned also...

To this day, dead ant is survived by the polygamous, fat, backstabbing queen and oddly grassun is survived by his lover, grassun 2.

such a sad story of younguns.

compatta, Jun 01 2006

Bug Bytes http://ars.usda.gov...m?docid=10919#musca
[xandram, Jun 01 2006]


       I think I know enough old people to comfortably pronounce this An Awful Idea.
Mr Phase, Jun 01 2006

       What the heck is this? Are you smoking?
david_scothern, Jun 01 2006

       One flaw I see here (hear) is that ants are not silent. A link provided with *Bug Bytes*.   

       oops, I noticed your ant did talk, oh well, it's a cool link anyway.
xandram, Jun 01 2006

       What kind of sense is this supposed to make?
lostdog, Jun 01 2006

       This idea would be great if you incorporated RFID.
epicproblem, Jun 01 2006

       This idea would be better if you incorporated less weed in your grass.
RayfordSteele, Jun 01 2006

       Um, this story has a lot of gratuitus drugs, grass jerkin', gay sex, interspecies errotica, and polygamy in it! Plus, I'm pretty sure you're gonna come back from your 'fatty-trip' and realize that I've decoded this gibberish for everyone on the HB to know. Bone!
quantum_flux, Oct 16 2007

       Well I like this a lot ! I'm nominating [compatta] for a "Treon-speak" trophy and awarding this a croissant. I'm actually going to print this out and keep it [compatta], if that's ok with you? [+]
xenzag, Oct 16 2007

       grassod should be spelled with a capital "G," you blasphemer. so, the point you make here, [compatta]-Un, is that old people are old and boring and therefore have no understanding of what life is *really* like here on earth. is that the gist? and i'm guessing you've made this judgement based on the three or four 'old people' that will tolerate your presence for more than four minutes... <sigh>   

       fave line: "suddenly dead any was going to be magnified with a magnifying glass... and burnt thusly..."
k_sra, Oct 16 2007

       Fat, stoned, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.
nomocrow, Oct 16 2007


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