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Vanitron 2000

Attachable mirror for 24/7 Vainness
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Whenever you go to the gym, do you ever notice those people at the gym who seem to look at themselves in the mirror while working out?

(very concentrated should i say)

Though they are not vain fetishists, they need something that provides the convenience of something on the go while providing the best looking image of a person, themselves.

I propose, "the vanitron 2000"

It comes in two models:

==Arm/bicep model==

An adjustable mirror that attaches to the bicep so the gym groupie can look at both the front AND back parts of their great biceps while exercising.

It also comes with the "ego-booster" which says phrases such as:

-"who's the best looking person in here: you are!" -"who's invited to the gun show: everyone else!" -and such ego boosters.

==Around the waste attachment==

Basically it 2 adjustable mirrors that are attached to your waste, one on each side. So basically when your walking around, you can see your sculpted abs and glutimus maximus in a whole different way.

But, it also solves another common problem:

Women-When your walking around the gym, guys tend to look at your butts. You can either:

-Give people the "eye" in the mirror to communicate disgust or smile and hopefully you can indirectly ask out for their number.

GUYS-Can admire that other people too admire your glutimus maximus for its great traits.

Its better than wearing a towel over those logoed shorts (which seem to communicate people to look at it...)

compatta, Jun 02 2006


       bun simply for your entertaining english, esp:   

       ==Around the waste attachment==
epicproblem, Jun 03 2006

       Why 2000, [compatta]?
methinksnot, Jun 06 2006


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