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I often make spelling mistakes, but not today.

I am a writer. I live here.

[Jul 27 2001, last modified Jan 10 2005]

(+1, -5) After Dinner Mintifier
(+6, -1) Archaic Insult Repository
 Bureau of Resolutions
(+5, -6) Chopsticks for the Western World
 Cinema for the Blind
 Daylight-Saving Sundial
 Echo Harness for Round Singing
(+5) Gravity-friendly disposable hot drink cups
(+7) Hat Batteries
(+2, -4) Instant Life Experience
(+2, -4) Listen-a-bot
(+11, -6) Mood Moustache
(+2) Musical Keyboard
(+13, -2)(+13, -2) Mystery Keys and Universal Locks
 Non-squint Monocle
(+2, -1) Office Periscope
(+5, -2) Phone Fingers
 Portable Judgement
 Pre-pierced film lids
(+3, -1) Sea Legs
(+4) Self-Helpers Anonymous
(-7)(-7) Self-tugging Shower Lasso
(+8, -6) Solid Gold Hat Shop
(+10, -8) Sticky Lesbian TV Holograms
 The TV That Rewards
(+4, -3) Traffic Jam Washing Line

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