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Mood Moustache

Keep away! My 'tache is on fire!
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In an office environment, it can be very difficult to judge what mood your co-workers are in.

However, start a trend by wearing a Mood Moustache.

The moustache looks great on men or women, available in a wide range of styles from Handlebar to Hollywood Villain.

The moustache will magically change colour depending on your mood; a rich black when you are hard at work, a pleasing green when you are approachable and a furious red when you've spilt coffee on your crotch.

This highly visible mood indicator means your colleagues will know when to hand you that fax, or when to give you a wide berth.

kpx, Sep 05 2001

Other mood devices in the series http://www.halfbake...archexpression=mood
[lubbit, Sep 05 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Exactly where on a woman does it look great?
The Military, Sep 05 2001

       But if I wore one of these my co-workers would be able to see when I am surfing the 1/2B instead of working.
barnzenen, Sep 05 2001

       when it glows a sort of plutonium-custardy colour? and then explodes?
RobertKidney, Sep 05 2001

       I think moustaches are great and that everyone should have the opportunity to have one. However, mood moustaches could be bad if you're colour blind unless the shape were connected to the mood as well. All the same, I'd like a moustache so it gets my vote.
Miss Weston Smith, Sep 05 2001

       Rather than changing colour, I think changing style, while more difficult to achieve, would be a better indicator of my mood changes. Pencil moustache for when I'm feeling particularly louche, Tom Selleck face-slug for "gruff and manly", Salvador Dali wax-sculpture for "absurd in an attention-seeking sort of way".
Guy Fox, Sep 06 2001

       I agree, actually. I think colour alone is not enough. The next model moustache will change shape dramatically, and also alter the condition of its hair. Short and wiry for 'I'm hot and agitated like an overworked plumber', or long and well-conditioned for moods like 'I'm relaxed and aroused, like an Afghan Hound'.
kpx, Sep 06 2001

       Good. It should twitch when you're agitated. People's moustaches often seemed to twitch in cheap 19th century fiction, and I could never work out how.

       In fact, I think you should drop the colouring idea, and just have the shape changing: Twitching, drooping (for fatigue) bristling (for anger) etc.
Lemon, Sep 06 2001

       Mephista = wrong! Miss Weston Smith + Lemon = right!

Looks to me, zippyanna, as if he's just seen someone pour the milk before the tea. Hence the look of outrage. The artist has clearly got the moustache wrong. It should be standing on end in a holy fury.
DrBob, Sep 07 2001

       How about moustache for men, forelocks for women?
nick_n_uit, Sep 07 2001

       unabubba how about a colour changing lip stick containing certain antigens for certain chemicals that are produced by the body during stress, stress markers (e.g: adrenaline, cortisol).(like a pregnancy test). I know that cortisol can be detected in saliva. However making it work through the lip membrane which is thick needs some research. the problem also is to return back to the original colour.
whirlpool, Sep 08 2001

       Jesus Christ. I can't believe this is already half baked. I was going to call it a Moodstache
Since this idea wasn't mfd'd for magic, I will also suggest that I was thinking of a color transformation based upon the pulse rate of the vein/(artery?) running right under your nose.
Zimmy, Dec 13 2006

       okay, body signals are interesting, but don't misinterpret them... blood pressure is only partially influenced by mood. Maybe entering variables yourself stimulates self-reflection
Willem, Mar 07 2007


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