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Self-Helpers Anonymous

For people addicted to personal improvement.
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Smoking, Nervousness, Fear of Commitment, Commitment to Fear, Heights, Frights and Sleepless Nights, Floppy Wrists, Tantric Sex, Tacky Sex, Tactless Sex... there's a help-group for everything these days.

Except people who go to these things and get sucked into a whirpool of babbling mentors telling them how to live their lives. Let's help give these people a way out.

£1000 for 8 weeks.

kpx, Sep 14 2001

Fight Club (1999) http://us.imdb.com/Details?0137523
Two of the main characters in this excellent movie are addicted to self-help groups. [jutta, Aug 17 2002]


       We have a support group support group here for the overcommitted. Not the same thing, but it shares the promise of infinite regression.
hagfish, Sep 14 2001

       Fantastic idea. I think that a lot of those people are just there to meet unstable women/men or just because they have nothing better to do. I see it all the time in AA. When I was in a thirty day rehab resort kicking a liter of whiskey a day habit there were "rehab junkies" there who were long overdue for return back to the real world, but stayed there because of the utopian comfort that the place provided. If they would have been in a less frilly state run facility, they would have checked out long ago.
Ratita de Bodega, Aug 18 2002


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