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Sea Legs

stabilise your extremities
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Travelling by sea is a horrific experience for most, especially in high winds. Even short ferry journeys can turn into a circus of sea-sickness that no amount of vomitus can improve.

But not if you have Sea Legs. Sea Legs are electronic limbs for acuatic imbalances. More specifically, they are cast-iron suspension springs which attach to your knees.

Feeling woozy? Just kneel down on the springs and straighten your back. The roll of the ship will be counter-balanced by the finely tuned springs and make your brain feel like you're kneeling on a concrete plinth.

How are they electronic? I don't know, but they take batteries.

kpx, Sep 04 2001


       Hm. They would have to come with a blindfold, or the disagreement between the shaking ship surroundings and the stationary upper body would make most of the wearers (un-?)motion sick just the same.
jutta, Sep 04 2001

       I like it but it might make walking around a bit dificult... maybe if there were chairs that did this on the ferrys...
RobertKidney, Sep 04 2001

       to reduce sea-sickness: try to stay on the fore-aft centre-line of the ship, near the stern, where there is the least amount of motion.   

       dramamine helps too :o)
mihali, Sep 04 2001

       How about one of those walker devices designed for babies scaled up to adult size? The center seat could be gimbaled...
phoenix, Sep 04 2001

       I find that a couple of tanquray(?), and tonics do the trick on most journeys.
March Hare, Sep 04 2001

       Not bad. But what if we just eliminated the need for a ferry altogether by making telescoping stilts that would reach the bottom of the sea. Then it wouldn't matter how choppy the water was because you'd always have your feet on solid ground! If you like you can still gimbale and butress the stilts. Or you could gimbale the ship!
FractalAxle, Nov 09 2001


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