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Facial recognition/comparison of porn stars

A site where you upload a photo of a crush to have it compared to porn stars.
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So the stalker types might like this

Essentially find a pic of your crush, upload it and the site finds similiar featured porn stars for you to watch.

lostmind, Jan 03 2013

Face recognition comparison http://celebrity.my...m/celebrity-collage
finds celebs you look most like [Brian the Painter, Jan 04 2013]

facial porn associator Facial_20Porno_20Associator
[vfrackis, Jan 05 2013]

porn companies adopt facial recognition http://www.zdnet.co...-photos-7000007631/
yep it exists [lostmind, Jan 05 2013]


       This would also work with anuses.
tatterdemalion, Jan 03 2013

       Pornstar facials usually look like maps of Hawaii
evilpenguin, Jan 03 2013

       you really are an evil penguin!
Brian the Painter, Jan 04 2013

       Yes this is definitely one of my darker ideas.
lostmind, Jan 04 2013

       Most dudes already do this by hand, hurr hurr hurr
Eugene, Jan 04 2013

       I would be interested in the inversion of this idea: input a picture of a porn star, then the app searches the web for pictures of other random, non-celebrity women who resemble her.
Alterother, Jan 04 2013

       Baked great minds.....
vfrackis, Jan 05 2013

       Well this is creepy and disturbing.
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 05 2013


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