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Auto tap

Taps the car windscreen when a stone strikes the surface
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Noticed awhile back that whenever a stone hit the windscreen, my grandad would tap the window with his back of hand. He said it was to prevent cracking.

Why not have vibration sensors that passed through a micro controller, when they detect vibration from the screen being struck, then actuators tapped the screen in a way to reduce the stress. The thing I've seen like this is adapting tv's into touch screen using acoustic monitoring of the surface.

lostmind, Oct 30 2013


       // Why not have // etc.   

       Because it's a persistent cultural idiom, that's why not. It's the crumbly side of folk wisdom, like saying that drinking hot coffee cools you down or that cutting the ends off of porcupine quills makes them easier to pull out.
Alterother, Oct 30 2013

       so first would have to test such a concept
lostmind, Nov 01 2013

       ... or shaving makes your beard grow thicker or pulling out certain weeds only makes them grow back stronger ...   

       IIRC, Mythbusters tested whether pressing on the glass *during* an impact prevented its breaking (it didn't). The tapping thing seems implausible to me, but yes, it should be tested.
spidermother, Nov 01 2013

       Ahh mythbusters. haven't watched enough. i like their get up and do attitude...sometimes their simplifications lead somethin to be desired
lostmind, Nov 02 2013

       … but their explosions, never.   

       The spectacular demise of the cement mixer truck is a particular favourite.
8th of 7, Nov 02 2013

       "Oops. Think they want their truck back ??"
popbottle, Nov 02 2013

       //… but their explosions, never.// Unfortunately, they got it in their heads that the audience only wants explosions, and forgot to include any other content in the last ~3 seasons.
DIYMatt, Nov 03 2013

       Yeah, and once upon a time Orange County Choppers was a show about building custom motorcycles, but contrived family drama is more popular with the TV-watching majority than TIG welding.
Alterother, Nov 03 2013


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