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composite broadcast frequencies

ete and propouse multiple discrertional transeviers to produce broadcasts outside of available tech range
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radio frequencies can be massively spaced but this doesn't mean they don't interfere. If they are the same octave then one can get them to interact and merge, a form of entraining to yield a final effective spectrum.

Lack of wave theory aside, it seems possible to have two frequencies produce another frequency that was previously unavailable

lostmind, Jul 28 2008


       Aren't you losing two frequencies to gain one ? Or are you trying to describe a way of using two frequencies already being used in such away as to magically make another frequency . You could encode/decode information in the other two frequencies .
wjt, Jul 28 2008

       I don't think any of us are on the same wavelength here. Maybe it's just a phase?
4whom, Jul 28 2008


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