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Sailing battle

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This is a sailing regatta where two teams compete for arrive first at a buoy and capture a flag in it. Every yacht must be equiped with a potato cannon, and the crew with paintball guns.

All the arms and ammo will be provided by the organizers previously to the regatta (battle).

If a crew member it's reached by a paintball shot, it must jump to the water with a lifejacket and will be picked by a boat.

The potatoes cannons can be used without restrictions, mainly aimed to shoot the crew or the sails, due the low damage power of potatoes. If a crew member falls to the waters, will be out of the battle, and will be picked for the boat too.

The cannons must be dimensioned to not harm (too much). Use of reglamentary protection it's obligatory.

Plastic grappling hooks are allowed, for boarding an enemy yatch, and start a paintball massacre. Every yatch captured can be used by the brave crew and their team.

When the flag it's captured, the battle stops; and the score of each team will be computed according to the number of casualties, and extra point for the flag.

Preferably to practice in lakes or rivers, for the audience enjoy.

piluso, Feb 24 2013

Potato cannon http://www.youtube....watch?v=sdFK5eVmZ3o
I know they can be made smaller, but too much projectile for my tastes.... [normzone, Feb 24 2013]

Holman Projector https://en.wikipedi...ki/Holman_Projector
"...; the most popular makeshift ammunition was potatoes." [8th of 7, Feb 08 2021]


       Flawless. May we assume that eye patches will be compulcatory?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2013

       [+] very nice! (flinging a potato bun at you)
xandram, Feb 24 2013

       Sounds like fun, but I think a potato cannon is too scarey for me to want to play (link).
normzone, Feb 24 2013

       // the low damage power of potatoes //   

       Have you ever used a potato cannon?! Some are powerful enough to shatter cinder blocks. Every summer rednecks and college students are sent to the ER because somebody thought "how much harm can a potato do?"   

       Otherwise, [+]. I'm always a fan of introducing shooting to traditionally non-violent sports.
Alterother, Feb 24 2013

       // how much harm can a potato do? //   

       We are considering to switch from potatoes to tomatoes. They are lighter, harmless and with bloody effect .
piluso, Feb 24 2013

       //tomatoes. They are lighter, harmless...// Only if you remember to remove the tin.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2013

       I wouldn't worry so much about being smacked by a very fast potato as being smacked by a very fast boat.
FlyingToaster, Feb 25 2013

       The trick is to freeze the potato then dunk it in hot water to thaw the periphery before firing.... But I think I'm heading in the wrong direction here.   

       I'd rather hang a target up on the mast that if hit with a ballistic tomato would disengage the rigging - emulating a shot mast. Crew of said vessel must then rapidly take the enemy's ship via longboat in order to have a chance at winning or drawing the round.   

       The musket and cannon must of course be single shot muzzleloaders with lock times of zero to five seconds. Don't forget the falconets and murderers (small cannon for deck and rigging sweeping) - and melee weapons will need some attention.   

       Tomatoe as cannot shot are probably okay at long range but are still a bit scary up close. Grapeshot could be as easy as .. um... buying some grapes.   

       I have the seamanship of a land slug with vertigo, but I'll gladly take up arms in this most auspicious event.
Custardguts, Feb 25 2013

       Of course all of this food shooting would have to take place off the coast of, say, Somalia, where pirates rule and people are starving in the streets...
RayfordSteele, Feb 25 2013

       //Somalia...pirates // No pros allowed.
piluso, Feb 25 2013

       Jolly good sport. Might even replace the Fastnet.
whatrock, Feb 08 2021

       Fighting naval battles using potatoes as ammunition is Baked... <link>   

       <Awaits groans from audience/>
8th of 7, Feb 08 2021


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