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Water Wheel Urinal

Auto flush
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Install a water wheel at the bottom of an urinal, connected thru a belt to a rotary valve in the water inlet. The pulleys diameter ratio provides the exact amount of water for every use.

To solve: how to clean te water wheel itself (may be some positive feedback coming from the cleaning water can help)

piluso, Jan 17 2014

Sketch http://farm4.static...1815_80fe142879.jpg
[piluso, Jan 17 2014]

Urinal Turbines Urinal_20Turbines
[piluso, Jan 19 2014]

aaand... it's baked http://mechanicalde...ndex.php?n=Main.UPG
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 21 2014]


       Nice, but I have a few niggles. The equation of force needed to seal the top wheel and system friction forces versus the force of a urine stream. Also it would cleaner if the wash was after the urination.   

       The wheel could be a counter for an electronic flush system. The wheel could also help out with the electronics energy deficit.   

       An easily removable wheel that can be dropped in a wash bucket, would be the go.
wjt, Jan 18 2014

       I don't understand. If I pee more, why does it take more water to flush?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 18 2014

       I thought this was going to be a suggestion for a renewable energy device, turning public lavatories into micro scale hydro-electric plants.
TomP, Jan 19 2014

       Post it, [TomP]. Though this may have been suggested before.
normzone, Jan 19 2014

       //I thought this was going to be a suggestion for a renewable energy device// Halfbaked, see link   

       // If I pee more, why does it take more water to flush? // It's a criteria. It's more about don't touch flush handles than save 100cc of water.
piluso, Jan 19 2014

       If you manage to damage your organ in this device, do you get a certificate allowing you to brag about it ?
popbottle, Jan 19 2014

       Just print your own,creative certificate, and brag about the incident all you want.
piluso, Jan 20 2014

       My toilet routine in general terms, missing out the gory details,is to sit down, then stand up and flush with a foot. There's no need to touch flush handles. If you have a penis, there's no need to touch anything at all. Urinals and standing up to pee generally are unhygienic and unnecessary.
nineteenthly, Jan 21 2014

       Whatever you do, don't cross streams. [link]   


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