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Like the ocean, Rodti is a large body of water covering approximately two thirds of the Earth's surface. He likes wheels and the smell of freshly washed underwear.

[Jul 26 2010, last modified Aug 05 2016]
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(+19)(+19) Capugenic Hallucinoccino
(+4, -2) Cattle Prism
(+4) Children of Hen
(+5) Croque Le Mans
(+6, -4) Edible bodyparts for serial killers
(+3, -2) Fray Bento
 Ghost's eggs
 Infant Chain-Gang
(+2) Oven door safety gloves
(+5) Pocket Orrery
(+3, -1) Soup-Doh
(+4) Subterranean Palestine
(+6, -3) The Gas Menagerie
(+2) The Hopstrum
(+4, -1) Tramp Stamp
(+4) Universal 'Like' Button

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