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The playtime treat you can eat!
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Now I may be many things, but I'm not a cook. One thing I do know about cookingism however is that flour thickens things. If you were to make a soup, for instance lentil or cream of mushroom, and added enough flour to it, I assume that eventually it would take on the malleable consistency of childrens modelling dough. This 'Soup-Doh' could provide your kids with whole minutes of good clean fun, and to round it all off they can eat it as a delicious and nutritious (albeit slightly floury) soupy snack.
rodti, Jun 25 2006

it's been around a long time.... http://www.kinderplanet.com/saltclay.htm
[xandram, Jun 26 2006]


       Croissant! Save flour by beginning the process with a tin of Campbell's condensed soup.
calum, Jun 26 2006

       If you add flour directly to your soup, you are going to make gummy coated flour lumps.   

       Not Good Eats.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jun 26 2006

       As I remember the salty kind was quite savory.
JesusHChrist, Jun 26 2006

       This sounds like a type of soup that Homer Simpson would eat: first the lid doesn't open smoothly, then the can bends when you open it; then the soup doesn't pour out properly, then there's slightly too much soup to fit in your bowl, then it gets too hot when you microwave it. As you prepare it, you have the fun of saying "D'oh!" at every step.
phundug, Jun 27 2006

       Soupy twist!
wagster, Jun 27 2006


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