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Fray Bento

Your tasty portable pie selection
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Do you like luncheon? Of course you do, everyone likes luncheon.

Do you like tasty meat pies? Of course you do, even if you're a vegetarian, as vegetarians can still delight in tracing their fingers around the flaky edges of the pie and huffing up the meaty stink.

What you almost certainly don't like is having to decide which tasty meat pie to take with you in your luncheon purse. The beef and whelk pie? The 'Chicken Gideon'? The pork roundel? YOU ARE AFRAID AND CONFUSED.

Enter the 'Fray Bento', a portable luncheon container with separate pie-slice shaped sections into which you can deposit slices of your favourite pies. Simply stow this plastic wonder in your luncheon purse and you'll have a delightful array of tasty meat ready to stuff into your ravenous mouth when your boss, mother or carer rings the luncheon bell. Beef and whelk? Yes, Sir! 'Chicken Gideon'? Coming right up! Pork roundel? Here is your meat!

In order to make the Fray Bento more affordable for those touched by the cancer of poverty this product could be subsidised by a major tinned meat pie company.

rodti, Jun 30 2014

one of many http://www.blujay.c...3/1688342_s1_i1.jpg
[xandram, Jun 30 2014]

OK, tupperware for pies! http://www.ebay.com...andle-/321382822000
[xandram, Jun 30 2014]

One in red, too. http://www.fishpond...perware+Pie+Carrier
[xandram, Jun 30 2014]

tinned meat pies https://www.google....AQ&biw=1008&bih=644
I think leftovers are common on some of this stuff. [popbottle, Jul 01 2014]


       Google *Tupperware*...or read the Help File.
Totally baked.
xandram, Jun 30 2014

       So... pieces of several pies, on a plastic tray? I want to like this, but I'm not quite afraid and confused enough. [].
pertinax, Jun 30 2014

       [xandram] But those are not specifically for pies. This is specifically for pies.
rodti, Jun 30 2014

       I could be the one who ate all the pies with this. And not lose my manly figure...
RayfordSteele, Jun 30 2014

       This invention makes it desirable to create single-flavour pies to allow for more nuanced flavour combinations. So, you wouldn't create a beef & whelk pie, you would create separate beef and whelk pies and then, if you wanted a beef and whelk pie, make it up out of multiple, alternating, thin slices of beef pie and whelk pie. Likewise, chicken and bacon pie would become chicken pie and bacon pie, Salmon, prawn and fennel pie would become salmon pie, prawn pie and fennel pie, etc. By creating the pie out of multiple very thin slices of these mono-flavoured pies you can create a pie which as you eat it in a clockwise direction, starts off as beef pie, becomes beef and whelk, then salmon and whelk, then salmon and prawn, then prawn and fennel, then fennal and rhubarb, and finally rhubarb and custard.
hippo, Jun 30 2014

       [hippo], I expect you're suggesting something similar to the manufacture of soup. For example, to make leek and potato I imagine they probably make lots of leek soup and lots of potato soup and then mix them together.
rodti, Jun 30 2014

       Mildly baked in Cornwall rather a long time ago, one end of the pasty was the meat, the other end some kind dessert, like apple pie..somewhere else was doing the same....   

       Decides not to do the old "you might be guilty of a Fray..." joke..
not_morrison_rm, Jun 30 2014

       [hippo], I'm not sure custard and beef would go that well together.
RayfordSteele, Jun 30 2014

       Yes, I know - it may be necessary to have a few 'buffer' pie segments to take you back from custard to beef when you've gone all the way round the pie. E.g. Custard/ Custard and Prune/ Prune/ Prune and Beef. It's like playing Mornington Crescent, or a very complex version of Patience.
hippo, Jun 30 2014

       //not sure custard and beef would go that well together//   

       But custard goes with everything, custard & kippers for instance, divine (best served with a chilled chardonnay, sipped through a straw of course).
Skewed, Jun 30 2014

       So now I added a link- Tupperware specifically for pies. Does this idea now qualify for baked? or am I misunderstanding the idea?
xandram, Jun 30 2014

       You are allowed to have more than one pie for lunch, you know.
pocmloc, Jun 30 2014

       I am bunning this, for the simple reasons that:   

       (a) Fray Bentos pies are legendary, though not necessarily for the right reasons.   

       (b) I will, from now on, mentally pronounce "Bentos" as the plural of Bento, to rhyme with "mementoes".
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 30 2014

       custard and fish fingers did get an outing on UK tv.....my own original contribution of garlic rice pudding, truly an original taste sensation..
not_morrison_rm, Jul 01 2014

       This idea has been baked to a charcoal crisp, reheated, then removed from the kitchen, transported to the Mojave desert at mid-day and subjected to the old magnifying-glass-in the-sun trick (except this time it wasn't for ants) to convert any stray molecules yet unaffected... Then again, I really like pie, so... [ ]
Grogster, Jul 01 2014


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