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Capugenic Hallucinoccino

Turn every day at work into a bewildering game of chance.
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Just before that important meeting with the boss why not have a refreshing, full-bodied cappucino infused with the most powerful mind-bending psylocibins available to mankind?

Not only does it warm you up, leaving you refreshed and full of energy, but the brain-warping properties of this wonderful brew leave you convinced that you have become completely transparent. You may also believe that you have the power to make inanimate objects dance by simply wiggling your fingers at them, providing you with hilarity by the bucketload.

A simple yet effective way to avoid looking at your watch for an hour while listening to some interminable crap about productivity etc.

rodti, Nov 07 2003

LSD Fortune Cookie LSD_20Fortune_20Cookie
More bewilderingly psychotic shenannegans [zen_tom, Mar 30 2005]


       Corporate ethnobotany at its finest.
skinflaps, Nov 07 2003

calum, Nov 07 2003

       [autosurgeon] I can only presume that you work in an environment that doesn't already induce vomiting and the fear? You wouldn't last 5 minutes in this place ;-)
rodti, Nov 07 2003

       Did you test this beverage (immediately) prior to posting this idea?
dobtabulous, Nov 07 2003

       [autosurgeon] ROFLMFAO!   

       [dobtabulous] I deny everything.
rodti, Nov 07 2003

       Besides, looking at yr watch might be kind of fun in that state. Check out those hands - they're waving at you!
-alx, Nov 07 2003

       The next logical step would be an opium den next to the smoking room ...
Aristotle, Nov 07 2003

       Every day at my office is a game of chance...
RayfordSteele, Nov 07 2003

       [Aristotle]: Come now, no reason to hyperbolize.   

       Perhaps if this were combined with the coffee taps described by the "Central Coffee" idea, I'd never go home.
shapu, Aug 02 2004

       I'll bet a bun to a fish bone that trashcanglam posted this within 60 seconds of returning from a meeting.   

       "Now - if the Mad Hatter will kindly call this meeting to disorder..."
Ichthus, Aug 02 2004

       Did you come up with this idea while standing bored in an unemployment line? 'Cos that's where I suspect you'd end up if you tried this...
Freefall, Aug 02 2004

       YES YES YES!   

       "Mr. Gates, my next experimental product for you is Microsoft Global Online Peace and Love Training. Could I have half a billion R&D budget please? Please?"   

wagster, Aug 03 2004

       I'm with [calum], ubercroissant indeed. Between the silly sounds and surrealities insinuated, I was literally clapping and laughing out loud.
absterge, Aug 03 2004

       Thats why they have powdered nutmeg at Starbucks
JesusHChrist, Mar 30 2005

       For even more fun, feed it to everyone else at the meeting, instead.
goldilox, Mar 30 2005

       Likey. Much better to go "Woah, spaceeey" at some interminable, mind-numbing bollocks involving graphs than to gnaw the table edge in an attempt to stop brain dribbling out of ears. That said, your boss probably wouldn't be impressed.
squeak, Mar 30 2005

       classic title
benfrost, Mar 30 2005

       + ...send a round to all the presidential candidates!
xandram, Oct 15 2008


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