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Croque Le Mans

A 24-hour toasted sandwich eating competition
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Dawn breaks over the historic French town of Le Mans, but before the residents have even got out of bed there is a buzz of activity in the town square. It is the 12th of June, known locally as 'Le jour du St Fromage' after the patron saint of cheese, and the day on which the annual 'Croque Le Mans' is held.

Trestle tables are erected, bread is toasted and fine cheeses and hams are sliced in anticipation of a dazzling display of gentlemanly competition. Participants gather from the furthest corners of the Earth in the hope of being crowned 'Le Roi du Croque' (King of Crunch), an accolade bestowed on whichever contestant can eat the most toasted cheese and ham sandwiches in a 24-hour period.

Records of this contest stretch back for over 400 years, although local tales suggest it may have been held as early as the late mesolithic period. To date no-one has beaten the record of 1,573 cheese and ham toasties eaten by local man Alain du Pap in 1968, although his victory was steeped in controversy due to accusations that he had used performance-enhancing drugs, and du Pap took his own life six years later with a whisk.

In keeping with tradition the winner is still crowned by 'Madame Lait' (Mrs Milky), represented each year by the winner of the local beauty contest, although for several years during World War 2 Madame Lait was played by a man.

rodti, Mar 30 2007

Saint Brigid of Ireland http://www.catholic...SAINTS/saintb03.htm
Patron Saint of dairy workers, saint's day June 10.
[marked-for-deletion] Bad theology. [coprocephalous, Mar 31 2007]


       So your contest is discriminating against people who keep kosher and vegetarians.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 30 2007

       Only in the same sense that the Le Mans 24 hour race discriminates against blind quadruple amputees.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 30 2007

       Yes, I expect this only really works if the reader is familiar with the concept of the 'Croque Monsieur' (Mister Crunch).
rodti, Mar 30 2007

       I'm with you GalbCa. Let's whip up some placards and a catchy chant and protest this travesty.   

       Soy Cheese, fake ham, yes sir, yes ma'am!   

       (+ for making my mouth water thinking of fine european cheeses , hams, and breads)
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 30 2007

       bun to you, [trashcanglam] to balance the unfair criticism from some of the peanuts in our gallery.
CaptainClapper, Mar 30 2007

       Contrary to popular belief, I am alive and well. Although I have had to give up eating sandwiches.
normzone, Mar 30 2007

       No sandwiches, yet you claim to be alive? Inconceivable!
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 30 2007

       "Patron Saint of dairy workers, saint's day June 10."   

       My completely fictitious creation was only 2 days off. Not bad. Not bad at all.
rodti, Apr 02 2007


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