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sqeaketh the wheel

Well, I simply incremented by one letter the p in speaketh, as in: Proverbs 12:17 King James Version: "He that speaketh truth sheweth forth righteousness: but a false witness deceit." — sqeaketh the wheel, May 21 2011

[Dec 13 2010, last modified May 23 2011]
(+5) 24 fps Eyeglasses
(+6, -1) A Theory of Life, the Universe and Everything
(+5, -1) Anti-Alien Space Fence
 Babbage Sum Engine
(-1) Bits for Sale
(+1, -3) Boffinator
(+4) Bouncy Sidewalks
(+1) Church of Nerf
(+4) Dumb Idea Magazine
(+11)(+11) False Alarm Clock
(+9)(+9) Google Historical Street View
(+4, -2) Grafitti-inhibiting surface-relief fractal wall covering
(+4) Half Bakery, Half Fox
(+7, -1) HalfWikeriLeaks
(+3) Harmonic Piano Strings
(+4) Heat on Demand Laptop
(+3) Holographic X-Ray Backscatter Under-Clothing Cloak
 Improved Turing Test
(+2) Infrequent Flyer Club
(+20)(+20)(+20) Lego Crausantz
(+3) Life Clock
(+1, -2) Mission: Possible
(+11)(+11) N-Metre Dash Olympic Event
(+3) Nitrogen Filled Fruit Bowl
(+10)(+10) Pantoons
(+3) Personal Body Roomba
(+13)(+13) Pet Atom
 Powerline Sneaker Remover
(+5, -2) Retaliatory Rear-View Mirror
(+5, -2) Reverse Cultural and Historical Museum
(+2) Spaghetti Cleaver
(+2) Sports-Field-on-a-Turntable
(+3) Square-Wheel Bike II
(+7) Tanning Habits for Nuns
(-2) Telescoping Dollar Arm
(+5, -1) The Great Computer of Giza
 The Halfbankery
(+10, -3) The Night They Took The HB Down (Song)
(+4) Thermodynamically Correct Thermostat Indicator
(+3, -1) Tie Coat
(+6) Travel Motion Simulating Bed
(+4) Turn the World Inside Out
(+3, -1) Wanted: Vacuum Dirigible Service Tech
(+4, -2) World’s Most Exclusive Club
(+1) Write Messages in Your DNA

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