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False Alarm Clock

Putting hypervigilance to work
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This alarm clock generates one of hundreds of different sounds randomly each morning, either through its speakers in the bedroom or the home stereo speakers in other rooms.

Sound of bat's claws scratching on inside of bedroom window, followed by sound of bat flying over bed. Police at front door. Radio news announcer stating Sarah Palin was elected President. Radio news announcer stating "this is not a test of the emergency management system, this is an actual attack." Sound of local teenagers setting fire to one's car tires outside. Justin Bieber at front door. ...

sqeaketh the wheel, Jul 29 2011

Mortal Terror Alarm Clock Thankyou and goodnight! [pocmloc, Jul 29 2011]


       Oops. I tried searching for precursors but did not see the Mortal Terror Alarm Clock given in the link. Its the same idea, so all credit/blame goes to pocmloc.
sqeaketh the wheel, Jul 29 2011


Alterother, Jul 29 2011

WcW, Jul 31 2011

       Good one, [WcW]! That would rip me right out of a dead sleep, if intoned with just the right quality of spousal wrath.
Alterother, Jul 31 2011

       Never cry Bieber, or they won't trust you when it really happens.
bob, Jul 31 2011

       I don't understand why it is *false* because it really alarms you!!
xandram, Jul 31 2011

       And there's me imagining it'd phone the emergency services to break down your door in the morning
Dub, Aug 01 2011

       //To be really effective, it would also need to play at random times.//   

       We charge extra for that option.
sqeaketh the wheel, Aug 02 2011


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