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Gun wrapping service

It's not just for Christmas anymore!
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I propose a Gun wrapping service. The wrapper will be of a durable plastic, form-fitted to the gun. A sharp sqeeze on the trigger will crack through the wrapper. That, combined with the shock of firing will largely destroy the gun wrapper, and pieces of it will scatter everywhere.

In an every day situation, the durable plastic will remain intact for months to come, and the gun inside the plastic will be able to soak in high-quality gun oil, without getting bits of pocket lint and sweat on it. If for some reason you are suspected of a gun-related crime, the sight of your still-wrapped weapon will ally most suspicions, and the police can shift the focus of their investigation elsewhere.

In a life or death situation, the gun will still operate, delivering lethal force at a moment's notice, without fumbling around to take of trigger locks, etc. The firer's position at that time will be quite clearly marked, making the job of the police much easier. Since police are not required in any way to protect the populace in america, there are a number of situations where being able to prove self defense is vital in keeping yourself out of prison. In these cases, police evidence will be necessary.

Various shooting ranges, gun shops, etc. will be able to wrap the loaded weapon on their premises in relative safety for a small fee, marking the gun wrapper so that the time, and location of the wrapping is unmistakably known. They might also include various coupons printed onto the wrapper as an incentive.

ye_river_xiv, May 24 2007

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       A bone for the rant, and two buns for the idea.
Voice, May 24 2007

       guns are bad nkay.
zeno, May 24 2007

       S'pose it makes a change from gun rapping.
pertinax, May 24 2007

       //Who's really going to be scared of that ugly saturday night special when you whip it out?//   

       Everybody, because it's a chrome .44 that looks very well used.
nuclear hobo, May 24 2007


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