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Safety dance music player

MP3 Player with a condom case
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Condoms really need a good safe place to keep them. They'll get all mashed up and damaged in your pockets. They'll get all hot and crackly in the glove compartment, and in your dresser drawer, or your medicine cabinet... people you don't want finding them will likely spot them at a bad time.

SOOO... in an effort to keep condoms fresher, reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections, and make a quick buck on the natural human desire to try and breed a lot more often than we succeed at doing so.

Virtucom is rolling out the Safety Dance Music Player. It's a handy-dandy MP3 player, with a little case inside it for holding your, party hats, cling wrap, jimmies, lambskins, third-hand-gloves... you know what I'm talking about, right? Now you can just carry your music around, and be ready to pinch and roll one on when you feel the need to dance horizontally. It stays in your pocket, so it's out of the hot car. It stays in a hard case so the packaging doesn't fold all up and rip. It's disguised as a working MP3 player, so most people won't be looking at it wondering if you're hiding your condoms there...

ye_river_xiv, Apr 05 2008

Safety dance music http://www.youtube....watch?v=HcOZ6xFxJqg
For holding your party hat (even if you're male and without one) [AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 05 2008]


       Brilliant. [+] Name suggestion: iPod. Oh wait, thats already taken.
sprogga, Apr 06 2008

       [+] but I'm fighting the urge to post "Musical Condoms"
FlyingToaster, Apr 06 2008

       Yeah, the name is a bit longer than I'd like it, but considering my recent experiences with using an apple music player with a Windows computer, I'm relucant to fuel the craze by naming it with the typical iProduct type names that are everywhere.   

       Of course, this does mean I miss out on some excellent puns... iPud, iPackage, iPorn, iPhuk, iPenis protection, iPut my condoms here... OK, looks like the iPun is now officially dead. Good riddance too. I'd much rather support music videos involving medieval milk-maid type people.
ye_river_xiv, Apr 06 2008

       Only to be used by men without hats.
lostdog, Apr 07 2008

Noexit, Apr 07 2008

       "We can dance if We wannooo!"
gnomethang, Apr 08 2008


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