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Inflated Self Lover

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inflatable sex doll with a mirrored face for narcissists
vfrackis, Apr 26 2013

Go the Jeff Koons route, and make the whole thing mirrored: http://marykatrantz.../11/jeff-koons2.jpg
Bunny ears and carrot optional, I guess. [DrCurry, Apr 26 2013]


       'Build it, and they will come...'
Alterother, Apr 26 2013

       I am of course one of these in an entirely different sense.
nineteenthly, Apr 26 2013

       Gonflable love thang.
skinflaps, Apr 26 2013

       GIven the existence of the Real Doll as an actual thing, the reversion to good ol' gonflable technology is pleasing.
calum, Apr 26 2013

       Sell it as something that you can inflate with your own farts and then call it "Inflated Scents of Self".
leinypoo13, Apr 26 2013

       MARKED FOR TAGLINE and post as new idea call it inflated scents of self, go now.
rcarty, Apr 26 2013

       My attorney advised me that If I do, I'll likely get a 103(a) rejection.
leinypoo13, Apr 26 2013

       He's going to take the idea make riches and disappear. Post it.
rcarty, Apr 26 2013

       This may be the most egotesticle thing I've ever read.   

       Narcissus myth third millenium version: he died bled, cutted for the broken mirror of a doll while having sex [+].
piluso, Apr 27 2013


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