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Stay at Home Children

In case of parental separation, on the weekend the children stay put.
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Divorce and separation are culturally recent phenomena (in regards acceptability and accomodation). The most convenient way that both parents with non-communal living arrangements can continue to be involved with the children, without being involved with each other, is to have the kid(s) shuttle back and forth between the weekday parent and the weekend parent. That's the easy solution, for the adults.

Posited is that a more mature society will have the children stay in one domicile full-time and have the parents do the shuttling back and forth.

FlyingToaster, May 12 2014


       Shades of the radio show Genius, where one guy, separated and living far from his teenage daughter suggested fathers save petrol by swapping their teenage daughters to get someone nearer. The host asked pointedly "You're divorced, aren't you? Hmmm..."
not_morrison_rm, May 12 2014

       In terms of "childhood experiences", staying in the same place is less educational than moving about.
Vernon, May 12 2014

       What about step-family members? I.e., step-mom/dad and step siblings. Blended families would be impossible.
the porpoise, May 12 2014

       I'm not advocating this as the only option, just one that may make more sense for many situations.
FlyingToaster, May 12 2014

       As a weekend / weekday swapped child, I'd be willing to bet there is no good solution. Moving about back and forth again has its extreme detriments. I never bothered to plan for my weekend, because the other household always had whatever plans already. I missed outings with friends, bouncing between towns. I lived out of a suitcase or two and whatever didn't fit in that suitcase got effectively pushed out of my life.
RayfordSteele, May 12 2014

       Only if it was a playhouse and the parents had to listen to the kids, sit on tiny plastic chairs, cook in the Easy-Bake oven and not bring their girlfriends / boyfriends over.
xandram, May 12 2014

       Most fights I have with the spouse are over how we keep up (or fail to keep up) the living space. "Where'd you put my xyz!"   

       So, I think having them share the same space after separation would just reignite the cause of the separation, & the kids would just witness the fights again.   

       (That said, I'm still happily married. And, this discussion reminds me yet again, how anyone who wants to "preserve marriage" should stop worrying about gays & do something about the rampant divorce in our culture.)
sophocles, May 13 2014


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