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-atarian Generator

What kind of -atarian are you?
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Nobody is just a vegetarian anymore. If you eat fish, you're a pescetarian. I was recently informed by a friend that since he drinks milk, eats eggs, and fish (but not beef), he is a lacto-ovo-pescetarian. This is getting complicated! We need a website where you can check boxes for all the types of food you eat and it will generate a name for your specific type of picky eating. Check "plants only" and you are a true vegetarian. Adding poultry and eggs returns "ovo-polio-atarian". Checking all the boxes returns "normal". I'm not sure what checking the Taco Bell box would mean.

-> the pseudo-latin spelling for these things doesn't really make sense to me, but they seem to be widely accepted so lets roll with it.

DIYMatt, Feb 22 2013

Wheat is murder http://www.marriedt...dex.php?date=021313
(Married to the Sea) [normzone, Feb 22 2013]

Waddaya Know... http://www.ethicure...ts-and-tom-robbins/
[Grogster, Feb 24 2013]


       I am a ka-BOOM!aterian.
calum, Feb 22 2013

       I'm a proletarian. I eat proles.
RayfordSteele, Feb 22 2013

       Actually, the word for "normal" is "omnivore".
Vernon, Feb 22 2013

       Chocoholic, plain and simple.
blissmiss, Feb 22 2013

       [+] I'm an imaginatarian!!
Not that I eat imaginary foods, but I cook with imagination!
xandram, Feb 22 2013

       I prefer to replace the A with an I, which gets you "utilitarian", "antidisestablishmentarian", "communitarian" and the like.
nineteenthly, Feb 22 2013

       What's wrong with the generic term "fussy eater"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 22 2013

       [Normzone] sadly, there is a growing real life movement not to eat wheat for various reasons, but most recently that the genetic modifications in wheat make it addictive which makes you fat.
DIYMatt, Feb 22 2013

       //sadly// Why sadly? I used to be appalled and enraged by the ability of people to believe in a truly remarkable range of incredibly stupid things. More recently, though, I have decided to be uplifted and cheered by the fact that most people are incredibly stupid, often in several different ways.   

       But, to return to the idea, I'm an egalitarian. But egals are hard to catch, so I'm considering becoming a humanitarian.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2013

       God, this annoys me. I had an ex who was snippy about this and when I offered her a burger she proclaimed, "no, of course not, I'm a vegetarian", to which I replied, "no you aren't, you eat chicken". "Yes, but only chicken, I am a pollo-vegetarian". Please. I call BS, there are no vegetarians as even the strictest vegan, needs B12 shots which are basically distilled liver. And yes, I dated one of those too who got her shot every year. The funniest/cruelest thing was she was trying to turn her dog vegan. As you can see I have a history of bad decisions about women.
MisterQED, Feb 25 2013

       I never understood the intolerance towards dietary decisions, however it does seem to be a reciprocation of intolerances. If someone chooses to eat only veggies and chicken, then they are likely using 'vegetarian' as an easy way to explain they don't want your meat, and who really cares? If there's a significant drop in meat sales, meat's on sale!
rcarty, Feb 25 2013

       I think that each selection should sprout a series of sub selections. e.g. select "I eat meat" and you are asked: red? white? fish? insects? Select "yes" to "red" and it asks, muscle, skin, hair, offal, each of these branches to cow, pig, horse, mislabelled, deer, kangaroo, elk, yak, etc.   

       I think it has to be a "yes/Maybe/No" for each, "yes" and "no" has to be absolute, "Maybe" can be qualified.   

       Perhaps the highest level on the tree can be "I consume". This branches to "food / Drink"... etc.
pocmloc, Feb 25 2013

       I am croissantarian. And so are you.
slater, Feb 25 2013

       I'm an omnivorous vegetarian: I eat vegetables, and everything else on the plate.
whlanteigne, Feb 25 2013

       //there are no vegetarians as even the strictest vegan, needs B12 shots //

Utter bollocks.
DrBob, Feb 26 2013

       //Utter bollocks.//   

       Since this is written as a sentence (with initial capital and final full stop), "Utter" is clearly a verb in the imperative mood, and "bollocks" its object.   

       We will do our best to comply...
pertinax, Mar 01 2013

       I'm an arachnophobiatarian - I only eat things that are afraid of spiders.
phundug, Mar 01 2013


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