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They Are What You Eat

"I think we need more than celery for Ally."
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Two teams consisting of two contestants each are sent out to the supermarket to get food products totaling up to the amount of money they were given.

Back in the studio, the Game Show Randomizing Computer displays a picture of a celebrity. The teams must now recreate the picture using the food they have bought.

At the end of the show, the winner is determined by points given out through 3 critera: audience vote, who the celebrity believes did a better job, and if the whole thing is edible or not.

Then there's a big food fight.

mrkillboy, Jun 20 2001


       No. I was just thinking how lame this idea really was.
mrkillboy, Jun 21 2001

       whi didn't you tell them to eat all the food and then draw a celebrity with the sh** they make ?
unstable, Aug 23 2001

       Because then they'd only be able to do <doo> politicians.
StarChaser, Aug 23 2001


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