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Smartwatch is calorie counter

Image sensors on the smartwatch and ...deep AI combine to identify food and portion size. App then counts calories
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I might have read something that suggested counting calories causes greater slimness. I think a smartwatch with side cameras could, without effort or even waving it around a plate, could image food. The deep AI which approaches, or possibly now exceeds, humans at identifying images figures out what food it is and how much of it there is. Then the app counts calories and tells you how many remain. Perhaps it beeps majestically to warn people if a soda is present.

They were looking for something new to do with those watches.

beanangel, May 10 2017


       There was this overweight magician, and his doctor told him to start watching what he ate. The magician replied, "I can't! Even when I'm eating my hands move faster than the eye!"
Vernon, May 11 2017

       I'll pay for the smartphone app.
pashute, May 12 2017


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