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Unpalatable Scratch n'Sniff

Scratch and sniff markers that mark goods as past their 'sell by' date.
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In response to a late meme that some grocers were electing to phase out 'sell by' or expiry dates on certain foods, I propose a consumers' tool to determine the likelihood one would be upset by the product were it purchased and found to be of doubtful or questionable quality.

Nothing real technical, like artificial chemical "aging" that starts smelling like fresh sauerkraut, say, but starts to smell like bitter fennel in a year or so. I'm suggesting a scratch pad that smells like bitter fennel, to remind a consumer what they might be getting if the product is old. When he opens the product later and smells the "bad" product smell, then there's an option to eat it anyway or chuck it out.

reensure, Jan 19 2022


       I automatically approve of all scratch and sniff ideas, but why not take the smells to a greater extreme? instead of the realism of bitte fennel you coukd have Boris's Sweaty Armpit or Poo Under my Shoe etc. Have this fresh morsel to get you started.
xenzag, Jan 20 2022

       On the way to a frilly party... pops into shop... buys boxes of chocolates and jars of rose petal scented delicacies... piles objects into shopping bag... drives 5 miles down bumpy road to party venue... carries bag to door and presents to hostess... who opens the bag to be greeted with the rank fumes of scratch-n-sniff synthetic smelly armpit
pocmloc, Jan 20 2022

       + This croissant might smell like Sasquatch feet, but my question is how many times can the mark be scratched? I was thinking it could go through a series of smells until the last scratch causes the product to Disintegrate!
xandram, Jan 20 2022


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