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10 Horse Race Lumpy Roulette

Grand national meets the roulette table.
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Ten balls are let loose on the roulette wheel, instead of one, and each player can bet on their own horse.

Because the wheel is uneven, there are lumpy bits, trenches and several holes into which the balls can fall, get stuck and be out of the race, just as in a real horse race like the Grand National. Resting spots for the balls pay different amounts according to their comparative difficulty. ie some are quite small.

When the wheel stops, it pays out according to where the balls have come to rest. About half of the balls will have fallen, most of the rest will have stopped at even or low odds positions, but every so often one will settle on a twenty to one or even a hundred to one slot.

xenzag, Apr 14 2009

Aintree http://www.aintree.co.uk/
home of grand national [xenzag, Apr 14 2009]


       Ok, I'll kick this one off.   

       //Because the wheel is uneven//   

       Now that's baking [+]
skinflaps, Apr 14 2009

       "The Ringworld is unstable".
normzone, Apr 14 2009

       I'm now thinking that over time the individual balls will develop "form" and their odds will have to be adjusted accordingly. Naturally they will have stupid names like real horses, and be identified by their surface colours and patterns.
xenzag, Apr 15 2009


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