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10¢ Lottery

Win $30 000 000. But without the last 6 zeroes.
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As most of you will know, I post few ideas. However, this one is worth posting.

Just go to a participating store and tell the cashier to add your name to the 10¢ lottery. As the name suggests, you are billed an extra 10¢ on your purchase and your name is put in a raffle (the name is obtained through a raffle ticket or through a debit/credit card, if you wish it to be.). The winner gets 9 out of every 10¢ put into the lotto. So, if 1000 people play, the winner gets $90. When millions start to play, there will be multiple winners.

The point of this lottery isn't to make you rich. Rather, it is meant to be one of those little things people do routinely. Sort of like getting a certain blend of coffee, or putting change in the change cup at the office. Every once in a while, someone will be buying groceries or jewellery or something and learn that they won. In keeping with the casual theme of the lottery, the person doesn't get the money and walk away. Instead, the prize is deducted from the price of whatever they bought. If any money is left over, it is given to the person in the same fashion as debit card cashback (except the winner is obviously not billed for their winnings.)

Shadow Phoenix, Mar 03 2008

Penny Lottery http://www.guardian.../20/nationallottery
An example of cheap lottery tickets. [WcW, Mar 04 2008]


       Baked and simply a new "flavor" of lottery. Search for the phrase "penny lottery". Not even an exciting flavor if you ask me.
WcW, Mar 03 2008

       I have a squekeing suspicion that WcW may have had some HB experience prior to 2/6/08.
bungston, Mar 04 2008

       Ah, but many of those are scams, fundraising or generally unused by the public. This is an idea meant to be a cheap, Starbucks-esque style lottery.   

       I can't find a lottery that delivers small prizes evenly for small payments. Could you please point me to a few? I might start shopping more often if I can play this.   

       [bungston], I was thinking the same thing. Remember [half]?
Shadow Phoenix, Mar 04 2008

       Always as an observer.
WcW, Mar 04 2008

       Small payoff lotteries, such as pulltabs, are very common in this country. In asian communities small stakes lotteries are a cultural institution. I will seek out a link describing such.
WcW, Mar 04 2008

       If you read that article closely, it falls partially into my "fundraising" section. I didn't name that very well. That is supposed to encompass anything that raises funds for a worthy cause (like cancer research or the Olympics).
Shadow Phoenix, Mar 04 2008


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