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Bottle Return Lottery Lottery

Combine California Bottle Return Program with it's Lottery.
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There are reverse vending machines here in California. If you put certain soda bottles or cans into them, they give you money.

Assume five cents per bottle. So 20 bottles equals a dollar. And some lottery tickets cost a dollar.

So we add a button to the reverse vending machine. The "Chance for a lotto ticket ? " BUTTON causes your bottle to be entered into a statewide lottery for a lottery ticket. And for every 20 bottles the machines receive with the special button pressed, the machines cough out a lottery ticket.

So the machine has a second life as a special purpose slot machine. And the recycling program has new life, because any returnable bottle or can could be a million dollar winner.

Next Day Gotchas: A: The machines are picky. They don't accept odd or smashed cans and bottles.

B: The gambling franchise is carefully guarded by the state. Preventing children from playing, and the Native American Reservation Gaming would need to be figured out.

popbottle, Feb 17 2015




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