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Audio Lottery

An audio version of the lottery scratch card.
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To make people watch / listen to the ads, how about selling them lottery "tickets" which respond in some as yet half-baked way when triggered by signals randomly buried in the sound of tv, radio, etc? A sort of audio scratch-card I suppose I'm thinking of, which you'd carry around with you 24 hours a day in range of all sorts of audio hoping it will beep and tell you you've won a $million. It would have to have a time expiry system of some sort built into it of course. Fraud protection problems might kill the idea. Fortunately I'll be dead and gone before it all happens. It's your world now.
rayfo, Sep 05 2000


       Parallel Thinking Department: In my latest just opened New Scientist "Patents" column there appears a similar idea based on a buried audio signal, but recognised by a code-loaded badge you wear, not apparently, by my smart card which you buy as your ticket. So I've goofed again.
rayfo, Sep 05 2000

       A world of possibilities here, supermarket lotteries, for product promotion, keys for new cars, doors that mysteriously open for you, leading to god only knows what adventures - I should have never studied marketing.
Scott_D, Sep 07 2000

       The point is that audio signals can be carried in regular TV/radio programming.
egnor, Sep 08 2000


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