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13 month calendar2

Change the date of New Year's Day
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I have been a proponent of the 13 month calendar published here with 1 or 2 improvements. First, the order of the months is messed up. Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec stand for the numbers 7, 8, 9, 10 respectively. Originally, these months were in the correct positions. I propose moving them to month 7-10 and placing July and August as 11 and 12. The 13th month would be named Triskadember. (Which sort of means 13th month.) Secondly, the date we celebrate New Year's Day is an insignificant day in the earth's orbit. The new year was originally celebrated on the Spring Equinox, a logical position for New Year's day. I propose that the new year be celebrated on the Winter solstice. This would mean moving it only 10 days. I guess I thought of a third thing. Why not move Halloween a few weeks earlier. There is a better chance of having a nice day in the northern states. Perhaps friday the thirteenth would be a good day for halloween. If we also moved election day to 3 days before halloween, then it wouldn't matter if kids knocked the campaign signs down while trick-or-treating since the election would be over.
lasselle, Jan 05 2001

(?) 28 day month http://www.halfbake...idea/28-Day_20Month
A strikingly similar idea. [PotatoStew, Jan 05 2001]

(?) Metric Calendar http://www.eoni.com...atchel/mtrctime.htm
baked is the idea of a metric clock and calendar -- both superior to these ideas [globaltourniquet, Jan 05 2001]

13 month calendar https://calendars.f...wiki/Super_Calendar
It has 7 days a week though [egik, Dec 20 2021]


       Eek! A longer wait for each Hogmanay? No thanks.
Kettch, Jan 08 2001

       Shifting summer months into the middle of winter would cause an outcry, especially amongst those who have a birthday then. If you object to the unnumeric naming of September-December, then why not shift new years day back to the beginning of March, putting January and February at the end of the year? Triskadember could then be added after February, or, if you prefer, you could put it after December and call it, ummm, Unodecember?
Lemon, Jan 08 2001

       A month of Sundays? Oh no!!! that would mean finally having to do all the things we have always said we would never do. Next thing you know, Tony Blair (UK Prime Minister, for the hard of thinking) will levy a Snowmobile Tax so he can supply the devil with a means of getting to work each day!
ickledinkle, Jan 09 2001

       every 13 would be a friday. In my system, Friday the 13th of july would correspond to October 9. (remember I reordered the months to make October #8 as it should be) Halloween would be a few weeks earlier and always fall on a Friday.
lasselle, Jan 10 2001

       I like that there would be a set number of weeks in every month. It would be so easy to figure out things like the dates of monthly meetings, etc. Calendars would no longer need to be 12 separate pages. You would only need to change the month name. Think of the paper that would be saved. But what would nonprofits send in the mail for fundraisers?
froge, Jan 17 2001

       [froge, waugsqueke] How do you get 13 28-day months? 13*28 is 364. So you'd need to have 1 of those months be a 29-day month and every 4 years, another one of those months would be a 29-day month. So, if year 1 started on a Sunday, year 2 would start on a Monday, and so on until year 4 (leap year), then year 5 would start on a Friday.
I don't see how this would be any kind of improvement on the current system.
hippo, Jan 17 2001

       Well, if we're going to go to the trouble of revamping the current calendaring system now is as good a time as any to do it. We just had a change of milleniums and we can throw everything before Y2K1 in the old calendar style and grandfather-clause anything so far this year.

But I really think we should come up with some more interesting names for each month. Perhaps we could just name the months after the 13 planets in our solar system. And the leftover day could be called Freeday. In leap years we could have two Freedays.
dgeiser13, Jan 17 2001

       waugsqueke: make them all start with a different letter (preferably A-M) and put them in alphabetical order and you're on to something.
centauri, Jan 17 2001

       "Twenty-eight days
Has Ablustic,
Browbean, Colifack
And Garkeric;
All the rest
Are the same way,
But don't forget
To add in Year Day!"
PotatoStew, Jan 18 2001

       Does anyone (but me) find it interesting that there are 13 months in the our calendar,13 planets in our solar system and we have 26 (13 x 2) letters in our alphabet? Definite signs of extra-terrestrial interference I think...
dgeiser13, Jan 20 2001

       Considering that there are only 9 planets and 12 months, either you're wrong or aliens can't count.
StarChaser, Jan 20 2001

       With 28 days, the months match the phases of the moon more closely (although not perfectly).
1a2b3c4d, Jan 21 2001

       I think it's a good idea to have 13 months instead of 12. After all, we all need more time! lol
Craklyn, Jan 26 2001

       There are probably 10 planets (planet X as yet undiscovered), but who's counting?
globaltourniquet, Apr 18 2001

       And speaking of 10, check the Metric Clock and Calendar link, above.
globaltourniquet, Apr 18 2001

       Wouldn't it be great if our Calendar actually reflected what is going on in the Universe, instead of constructed to suit our purposes? For more ideas on the 13 month calendar, visit www.tchiya.com
solarmoon, Oct 17 2002

       1/13 of a gregorian year is 2427457.846154 seconds.
LoriZ, Oct 20 2002

       Still a better idea than Time Cube
sninctown, Jan 30 2014

       Ooh, well spotted, [egik]!
pertinax, Dec 20 2021


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