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Rename the month of May
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How many other people, like me, seethe with frustration when writing the abbreviation for that month? The abbreviation is the SAME as the full name, and NO saving of ink or keystrokes is made!

Let this month be renamed, as suggested above. And while we're at it, June and July deserve some attention too.

Mickey the Fish, Nov 24 2000

Cthursday and Zaturday http://www.halfbake...urday#975322899-3-1
[Lemon, Nov 24 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       You're absolutely right. The worst are the graphs and whatnot that try to get away with only the first letter of each month. There are too many J and M months for that trick. Use numbers, people. Or, more on the halfbaked side of things, change the months to January, Iuly, Giune, Maybuary, and Zmarch.   

       While we're at it, let's change the days to Cthursday and Zaturday.
centauri, Nov 24 2000

       I don't understand why they have day at the end of the names of days anyway. It's a waste of time. We should just call them Sun, Mon, Tues, Wens (yes i know it doesn't fit with the spelling), Cthurs (for the letters), Fri, and Zat. We don't even need the Ur, instead of Zatur it will just be Zat. We would become more efficient by eliminating syllables! Anyone read 1984 by George Orwell? This would be a doubleplusgood idea!
djhotsauce, Nov 24 2000

       Halfbakery, home of the doubleandahalfplusgood.
jutta, Nov 24 2000

       And the occasional doubleandahalfplusungood. :)
arghblah, Nov 26 2000

       That's horrorshow and choodessny! I'll tell my droogs...
Lemon, Nov 27 2000

       Does anyone except me find Cthur difficult to pronounce? Isn't it better to name it, say, Khur(sday) or something arbitrary like Quat(reday) from Latin root for four.
danilom, Nov 28 2000

       Cthursday isn't too hard to pronounce, and I believe Cthursday was taken from the name C'thulu, the God of some religion who is an alien squid that is going to attack the earth with atomic bombs and then eat us. I find that pronounciation of Cthursday and C'thulu is not kthurs-day, but actually has about two and a half syllables, like, ka-thurs-day, with the a in ka just barely spoken... well that may not make much sense, but that's how i say it.
djhotsauce, Nov 28 2000

       Why pick on Thursday, named, as it is, after the patron of all things manly, pure, Aryan and inclined to wield invincible hammers?   

       Far better to rename Tuesday. Sooner that old Norse has-been Tyr (God of what?) is forgotten the better, in my view.
Mickey the Fish, Nov 29 2000

       Agreed. Tuesday, the fat day full of pancakes. T for Thursday and C for Chewsday.
Lemon, Nov 30 2000

       I think it was Nyarlathotep that was interested in the nukes (at least, there's hints he was responsible for introducing the concept while in disguise as a human...) but Cthulhu's just yer bog standard giant, tentacled, winged sea-monstery thing.   

       Although, it is said of Cthulhu that there's not much point nuking him because "although it'll make him go away for a bit, he'll just come back, only then he'll be radioactive."
Cheradenine, Dec 16 2000

       How about this: M - Monday T - Tuesday W - Wednesday H - tHursday F- Friday S - Saturday U - sUnday similarly, the year if JFMAYJLGSOND. Taking a significant letter from each month.
rjswanson, Apr 07 2001

       In school I used to abbreviate Thursday with a theta. Eliminates a bit of confusion.   

       But seeing as our weekday names aren't originally Greek, I think the thorn would be a better choice for Thursdays. (The thorn is the character that eventually turned into the "y" in "ye olde touriste trappe").   

       This doesn't help with Saturday/Sunday, though.
wiml, Apr 09 2001

       But why are we still starting the week with a Monday ? Wouldn't be better to start with a Wednesday - that way we will get a break in the middle of the week.
mouatj, Jan 06 2002

       What about using a number for each day?   

       Oneday, Twoday, Threeday, etc..   

       That way you could abbreviate them all to a single character!
gargarax, Jan 07 2002


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