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Won't you please sponsor my bush?
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Here in Oz at the moment a lot of men are growing moustaches for some charity or other - and November has been designated "Movember". You can sponsor your male friends to grow some lip fungus and some cancer kiddies get sent to play with horsies, or something.

Now, I'm totally against things that exclude any section of the population from participating, in this case (almost) all women and those men who work for companies that have restrictive grooming policies.

Announcing Novembrazil - personal deforestation to save the forests. Anybody can sign up and start seeking sponsors. Verification performed by designated inspectors.

In Rio, we'd need to do something else of course... Pubuary?

[edited to correct spelling. Thank you [Jutta].]

ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 14 2006

Wikipedia: Brazilian Waxing http://en.wikipedia...ki/Brazilian_waxing
[jutta, Nov 14 2006]


       Hm...can we sponsor you to burn your bush? (Btw, "bush" usually means something almost, but not quite, altogether different around here.)
DrCurry, Nov 14 2006

       I'm sorry [Lt_Frank], The tender has been won by Benfrost Jam Company Inc. They said they'd bring their own spoons as well (whatever that means... oh well, on with the organisation!)
ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 15 2006

       And you could get paid more if you depilated in a painful way, like waxing instead of shaving.
therattle, Nov 16 2006

       heheeh. this would be the definitive "giving til it hurts".... yeeouch.
Alysonwonderland, Nov 17 2006


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