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Collaborative Online Magazines

Something like a blog, but with multiple correspondents and chosen editors
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Summary sums it up.

Existing blog software gives you great tools to put up and edit your content online in a pleasant way. Yudu.com and the likes let you manage a magazine by importing documents and media. Some specific sites have an online magazine, and invite users to join. What is invented here is a GENERAL COLLABORATIVE ONLINE MAGAZINE site, that allows anyone to create magazines, and invite people to join as correspondents and editors.

pashute, Aug 30 2010

Create your own subreddit (with optional domain name) http://www.reddit.com/reddits/create
[Spacecoyote, Aug 31 2010]

Can you compare this http://www.reddit.c...ExpiredPatents/new/
with the blog in the link? [pashute, Sep 01 2010]

Found one, and looks like it's what I was looking for http://www.openzine....aspx?IssueID=12301
But wasn't trivial. Should I delete this? [pashute, Sep 01 2010]


       I believe Wikia has a feature that allows you to compile a "magazine" from wiki articles and other elements.
Spacecoyote, Aug 30 2010

       This could be done on Newsvine (MSNBC, yech), by creating a group and restricting membership to your chosen authors.
swimswim, Aug 30 2010

       What's the difference between this idea and existing multi-editor, multi-contributor blogs like salon, gawker, or, for that matter, slashdot?
jutta, Aug 31 2010

       OK, looking up salon, gawker, forthatmatter and slashdot.   

       Gawker: Several online magazines on set topics (Gossip from New York, Hollywood and some other places). - I want a site that lets ME or YOU open a new "Gawker" on a totally different topic, like - "Abandoned Inventions" or the "Expired Patents Magazine" (which is currently a blog: ExpiredPatents . blogspot.com)   

       Salon: Same as Gawker but about the Arts. So not this idea.   

       Slashdot: One interface with many news items categorized. You cannot open your own "Magazine Look" as you would for a blog, and you can't collaborate. You cannot decide on staff, because the categories are real ones. A magazine on the other hand would have any name, and inside decide its: Looks, Staff, Categories, Content, Subscription methods, and Subscriber lists.   

       Forthatmatter.com: A search directory for sciences. Nothing to do with magazines or blogs... Just joking on the last one (for that matter).
pashute, Aug 31 2010

       How about a subreddit?
Spacecoyote, Aug 31 2010

       I already had my hopes up. See link
pashute, Sep 01 2010

       what would the difference be between this and the many Internet forums that exist ?
FlyingToaster, Sep 01 2010

       OK, Its baked. I found a new place. See Half last link.   

       She who halfs last, lasts halfer.
pashute, Sep 01 2010


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